The REPUBLIK Platform

Exposure and Talent Discovery

Our first practical user-ready participatory feature will be an arena that allows multiple streams of continuous head to head competitions to attract, showcase and rank talent, where the rules of the contest are defined by the creators and not the platform.

Participants will be ranked on a modified ELO ranking system (method that accounts for relative skill of competitors in a zero sum game instead of using an accumulation of likes) that allows new entrants to go head to head with established creators ensuring that there is no entrenchment of top creators, and newcomers stand a fair chance of being seen and supported.

The arena will turn creator discovery into an entertainment proposition in its own right, gamifying investing into a talent contest experience.

Unlike most content-based platforms which prioritise number of followers (inherently favouring more established creators), the arena takes the battle format and turns it into a venue for mass participation: an infinitely scalable, continuous, iterative talent contest, where the public can vote for and support their favourite performers.

Designed like a casual game: user engagement and rewards

Game mechanics and a reward system designed to maximise continuous engagement on both the creator and supporter side will help drive active usage of the platform:

  • Users use $RPK to purchase Creator Tokens, supporting creators financially in the short term and betting on their potential through the promise of dividend payments pegged to their future earnings. By voting for their favourite creator, users help the creator progress up the ranks, earn badges & rewards, get more visibility within the app and, as a result, attract more supporters.
  • Everyone (creators & supporters) get rewarded for their active participation on the platform, such as voting, creating or sharing content. These rewards will take the form of:
    • $RPK
      $RPK accrues to the users wallet every time they vote in a special event with bonuses for voting on the eventual top contestants. This $RPK can be spent to support talent in the RepubliK.
    • Multipliers
      Help creators accelerate their earnings by staying more active on the platform and/or can be used to incentivise participation in ‘special events’ taking place in the RepubliK.
    • Badges
      Social currency to mark milestones in participation that provide holders with governance rights (e.g. selecting new special challenges, voting on contest dynamics), priority access to talent performances, events and one-on-one meets & greets.
  • Creators, talent scouts, celebrity-influencers, brands and others will be able to launch contests in arena with their own rules for participation, including:
    • Format, genre, duration, etc
    • Maximum and minimum number of participants (from 1v1 to thousands)
    • Public or Private (by invitation only)
    • Free or paid participation
    • Set game mechanics and rewards: 1v1 and many v many staking with $RPK (winner takes all), exclusive access to creators or content, offline rewards, etc.

Some examples of the tens of thousands of contests that will be taking place on RepubliK:

  • A creator starts their own series of 1v1 challenges, in which they challenge others to win the total staked. Votes cost 1 $RPK. Winner takes all, with the prize being shared with supporters who voted for them.
  • A dance event launches a competition where the price of entry is 100 $RPK. Top 3 most popular performers each win a % of the prize fund in $RPK.
  • A well known footwear brand offers a 10,000 $RPK prize for the most popular skateboarding trick. Winner gets to feature in a commercial for the brand.
  • A music megastar runs a public competition in the arena to find its next backing dancers or supporting acts for an upcoming performance. The public decides who the winners are by voting.

Virtual Event Platform

TikTok and Instagram with a box office

It will comprise of two independent networks, each serving different use cases:

  • A centralised high capacity network that will be able to scale to large audience sizes numbering in the hundreds of thousands.
  • A second decentralised p2p network for more intimate events with a slate of versatile pricing formats that a creator can utilise for their benefit.

Fans & supporters use $RPK to purchase access to and perform all transactions within these events, directly supporting the talent and contributing to the dividend pool for Creator Token holders.

RepubliK’s virtual performance platform will enable creators to launch anything from a large scale event featuring one or multiple artists and an audience of thousands (concerts, festivals, talent competitions, casting sessions), an intimate experience for a selected few, a class/course or simply a one-to-one meet & greet to reward super fans/supporters.

Some examples of the possibilities afforded by the virtual performance platform:

  • Live Auction with Proof of Wealth
    Allows creators to run auctions for performances with participants’ staked funds clearly visible to prove legitimacy, as well as built in escrow functions.
  • Automated performing rights management
    Built in licensing and rights agreements with collecting societies for performance.
  • Bridge to the physical world
    Allows creators to run in person performances or classes while still using the RepubliK ecosystem to settle payment and ticketing.
  • Private rooms
    Encrypted and secure p2p connections for performances with an intimate number of participants.
  • Multi-creator events with automatic revenue allocation
    Live will also provide creators with the ability to easily band together to co-host events or shows and to cross promote these to their respective audiences & supporters, with revenue allocation handled directly by the platform.

While initially existing in web and app format, RepubliK will aim to be the performance venue plugin for the various metaverses currently in development.

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