RPK Token

$RPK will be a transparent base currency built on Binance Smart Chain and used to power a number of core functions:

A. Fractionalising future earnings and mass participation in talent investment.

B. Transparent data driven marketplace.

C. Proof of capital/wealth and staking.

D. Platform operations.

E. Rewards and incentives.


The total supply of RPK is 3,000,000,000 tokens.

Token Distribution

Creator-only Token Sale

• Up to 5% of total supply
• Max 25M RPK at USD $0.02
• Limited to Creators

Seed Round

• <5% of total supply
• 150M RPK at USD $0.05
• USD $7.5M raise

Early Round

• 5% of total supply
• 150M RPK
• Institutional raise

Public Sale

• 5% of total supply
• 150M RPK at USD $0.10
• Max USD $1,000 limit per person

Release Schedule

Private Sale

The private sale release schedule is as follows:

  • Month 3: 10%
  • ‍Month 6: 15%
  • Month 9: 15%
  • ‍Month 12: 15%
  • Month 15: 15%
  • Month 18: 15%
  • Month 21: 15%

Public Sale

Linear vesting until 100% unlocked at the end of the vesting period.

  • Total vesting period: 12 months
  • Vesting begins: 30 days after Public Sale closing date

Marketing & Operations

3% initial release with the rest vested monthly over 5 years with milestone accelerations.


5% initial release with the rest vested over 3 years.


5% initial release with the rest vested monthly over 5 years.

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