The Creator Journey

The Creator Journey

How RepubliK helps an undiscovered creator along their journey to self-sustenance

Keeping Creators on the Platform

Paying it forward

At its core the RepubliK ecosystem is a talent incubator and launchpad for the millions of up-and-coming and undiscovered creators around the world. As young creators become more established, their role within the ecosystem evolves from performer to mentor, helping them pay it forward by promoting emerging creators to get more exposure and funding through the RepubliK ecosystem.

Low commission fees

RepubliK only takes 3% of the creators’ dividend stream as commission - the lowest of any artist funding platform - providing even well known creators with large fanbases, a strong incentive to stay within the RepubliK ecosystem and utilise products like Contest Arena, Live Stage and Virtual Store for fan engagement, shows, virtual merchandise sales and more.

Dividend vs Token value

We don’t believe that bonding creators to our platform serves any purpose and the greater the success that creators have off platform only proves how effective the RepubliK ecosystem has been in the first place. While we expect creators to continue to utilise the ecosystem for the above reasons and drive dividends for their investors, the dividends make up only a proportion of the worth of their tokens. Other intangibles like popularity and scarcity that drive the existing 100+ billion dollar memorabilia market will be significant contributors.

Scaling the ecosystem

Future plans include the development of an API to easily enable any talent or content platform to connect to the RepubliK ecosystem to utilise $RPK, facilitate investment in Creator Tokens through integration of the ‘invest’ button and broaden the opportunities for creators to be discovered and monetise their audiences.

Market Entry

Music and urban dance provide us with an addressable audience that we can cost effectively reach to test & iterate functionality and to generate scale fast.

RepubliK is uniquely placed to address the needs of these audiences. Our core and advisory team includes top executives and influencers from both verticals, providing us with critically important knowledge, credibility and access.

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For Creators, by Creators.

REPUBLIK exists because we believe that Creators come first. Our vision is to not only enable new ways for you to engage with your audience, but also to give your supporters meaningful ways to engage with you.

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