RepubliK is a social media platform where everyone can get rewarded for contributing and engaging with the platform. It is also the easiest place for creators to get value from their interactions and content. Create new exclusive content or easily share content that you already have on other platforms onto RepubliK.

RepubliK will be the best place for creators to get value for their content and interactions. We have many different tools to help you get value from interacting with your fans and from your content. For more details, please refer to our whitepaper.

Earning XP on RepubliK

XP is our rewards system. You get XP points for things that you do on the platform and you get RepubliK $RPK airdrops based on the amount of XP you earn.

Achieve new levels as you get more XP. levels give you extra privileges, access to exclusive events and content, fun badges and help you to earn more XP with a multiplier.

Earn XP by taking actions that help the platform. You can earn XP by referring friends, logging in daily, posting great content, liking, voting and participating in missions and challenges. A full list of XP missions is available in the app under your Wallet page.

$RPK Tokens and Airdrops

RepubliK gives you $RPK weekly based on the amount of XP that you have. $RPK can be used on RepubliK to support creators and get exclusive content. $RPK can also be sent out of the platform once we roll out our full featured app towards the end of 2023. To learn more, check out our whitepaper.

$RPK can be sent to many exchanges where you can convert it to other tokens or cash, you can also buy $RPK on these exchanges and use it to support creators or get exclusive content.

Your weekly $RPK Airdrop allocation is calculated based on your XP balance in proportion to the total amount of XP in the RepubliK Ecosystem. To learn more, check out our whitepaper.


If your account access has been deactivated, it’s likely due to a violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Use.

If you believe that your account has been deactivated by mistake, please provide the following Account Deactivation Appeal Form so that our Community Team can investigate.